Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AVID Field Trip Reflection

Last Friday I went on a field trip with my AVID class to see two university. The first university we got to see was Stanford in a small city but the university campus was huge and really awesome but a little bit scary because  a big campus will equal lots of people. Then we went the University of California, Santa Cruz it was really different for Stanford because UC Santa Cruz was surrounded by many trees it was also very awesome but also  little scary because the cars were too close to the sidewalk but still fun. 

When we got to Stanford we had to get in groups of four or more and we had to chose three sites that were meaningful to us. We visited the pool,art museum,and the school of education. We visited the pool because we love the water and swimming. swimming is a really fun sport and really relaxing. Then we visited the art museum we visited the art museum because we love art and I like draw so I was interested in the history of arts. last but not least we visited the school of education we visited this place well because it seemed really interesting how it works.
These sites are important to the university of Stanford because the pool is for someone who loves water and swimming, the art museum is for people love to learn art and history of artist.
My favorite part about the university of Stanford was my group and I were trying to find the three sites that were meaningful to us and at first it was hard because Stanford has a big canapes and there a lot of people and it was hard to read the map. One of my favorite parts of UC Santa Cruz was the library because it was really big and the library had a yoga place and some rooms you could study with your partners.

What surprised me about Stanford was that there was a lot of people on bikes like everywhere I turned I saw people riding well Stanford is a really big university so to get to your classes in time a bike is a really good idea to use.What surprised me about UC Santa Cruz was that the library was huge it has about four floors you could do a bunch of thing there.

What I'm looking for in a college is the area that it's in and the campus is the size of it and its surroundings.
I really like Stanford's campus it was really organized it had a road for bikes and a sidewalk (most of the times) for people to on and not get run over by a bike.

What I learn from the tip to the universities was that there a lot of different universities. Their are some thing that are different from each other but there are somethings that they similar to each other. Like the location of Stanford and UC Santa Cruz was really different because in Stanford the university was located like in a town and there was a lot of building there and a lot of people there. UC Santa Cruz was located like the woods there was a lot of trees everywhere you turn but there was also a beach and it was really cool because this university was like really connected to nature.

My favorite part about the trip was when we first got the universities because it was really exciting to see what they were like. Like what where they similar to each other and was different from each other. Also see what they were like, like how did it feel to walk for the first time on a university it was like walking on the moon.
This AVID field trip was really fun and has made me think a lot about which college i would like to attend in the future. I got to learn a lot about how some colleges could be similar to each other but also have some difference. How the colleges location's are different but have their own unique style. It was really fun and exciting to visit these two colleges it will give a greater understanding about colleges.
The pictures in the bottom we took at Stanford we didn't get to take any at UC Santa Cruz.

Friday, April 8, 2016

KBAR23: Chris Rock

 I am reading a new book and I'm pretty extincted to read this book. This book is about a famous comedian and actor his name is Chris Rock. I am in the first two chapter of the book I'm half way through chapter three. So far what I read was interesting it's talking little bit about Chris Rock's background like where was he born, when was he born, what his family was like and many more interesting things about him. One thing that was really cool that his family did was take care of foster children, partly because they cared and partly because they needed the money. Chris's Parents took care of the foster kids as if they were their own but other people treated them like animals.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


If I were to win a fortune I would like to use it for my future like for my college, my family, or when I become old. A fortune could bring a lot of problems and danger like for example it could tear apart your family or people close to you or you just want to buy a lot of thing like big house, cars, etc and once then you wast all your  money  and have nothing left and you become homeless. You could also get murdered by someone who was to steal all your money. To prevent from this from happening you could save like half of your money or more for later on in the future when you needed it for something important and you shouldn't leave your money were anybody could see it you should hide your money in a safe place that might want to murdered you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Kino's songs express an emotion and symbolizes his life what happens to him and his family for example the family song and the enemy song. The first song Kino hears if the family song it was a new day Kino wakes up sees his wife goes outside comes back in eats breakfast with his wife but then suddenly changes to the enemy song when kino's wife Juna sees a scorpion on one side of where the baby was sleeping Juna is mumbling something while kino is trying to get the scorpion away from the baby but falls  and bits the baby. 

Friday, March 4, 2016


Cole had gotten a second chance to go to the island. I am so happy for Cole because at first he was just a juvenile who was always causing trouble who nobody trust. But now I am sure that Cole has changed for the better after experiencing a life or death situation Cole has learned how viable his life really is and now that he has this chance to prove to everyone that he has changed for the better. He thinks back what all his wrong doings were he wants to say sorry but on one really believes that he is actually sorry.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

KBAR18:The New Boy

Cole had just almost died by the spirit bear the bear had just ripped open his chest. Cole was just scared and was angry at that his parents ,with the people tried to help him who tried to understand him,he was just angry at the world. When Cole saw the spirit bear with it's pure white and his pride, dignite, and honor. When Cole first saw the spirit bear, the bear just stared at him Cole tried to get him afraid of him but the bear did nothing. The third or fourth time Cole saw the spirit bear Cole tried to kill the spirit.
 Cole at first is angry that everything at the spirit bear at the world But Cole realized how  beautiful  everything was how the sun shines the animals everything looked prefect everything fit in except him he thought that everything belonged there except him. Some people won't real realize how much something is until they are close to losing it or until they lose it. Cole had just realized how much he wanted to live before he didn't care if he lived or died but now he wanted another chance to live he didn't want to dye this way  he wanted to change for the better.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

KBAR16: Banishment

While he was in the detention space everyone stop or quit visiting him the only one who was  Garvey a young officer. Garvey asked Cole if is wanting to do the Circle Justice it's where Cole would be sent to an island for a whole year by himself where he will be healed. But I don't really understand how will it help Cole get healed if he is alone in the island by himself he would be alone he could do whatever he wants to do for a whole year wouldn't he? Cole think and says yes because why go to jail when rather you could go and spent  a whole year on an island. I would personally pick the circle Justice than going to jail because just imagine going to and you're just 15 years old and your be with all adults in jail you could be picked on because you are the all 15 year old or just because your are going to be weaker than them. Cole thinks of this as a game were all he needed to do is act innocent as if he were willing to change for the good when actually he know it's just a silly game.The court agree to do the Circle Justice. He was sent to the island Cole was accompanied by Garvey and Edwin.
They were  basically there to lets say to babysit Cole until they drop him on the island.  Before they drop him off Edwin (an elder)
gave Cole an warning before him and Garvey left. Edwin told him in this island he could live or die he needed to drink from a center type of river and food that it gets cold during the winter. Edwin also told Cole that he is not the only creature "Whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself". Personality think that what Edwin told Cole was warning to out what your actions are because there are going to be big conques for them.  Edwin also told them to watch out for a bear called the spirit bear. It's a bear it's pure white and "has pride, dignity, and honor.More than most people". So I basically think that the bear is spirit bear is most likely to be a ghost bear right because it's called the spirit bear his name sounds like as the bear was an very old bear who helps many people in his life or ghost life I'm not sure what to really think about his bear but he must be a good bear and not an evil bear because Edwin describes  the bear as an pure white and "has pride, dignity, and honor.More than most people".